Mattamy Homes to Break Ground on Stars and Stripes Park at Tradition

Developer and City of Port St. Lucie will host groundbreaking event on April 25

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. – Mattamy Homes, the largest privately owned homebuilder in North America, is breaking ground on the highly anticipated Stars and Stripes Park at its Tradition master-planned community in Port St. Lucie, Fla.

Set to open in early 2025, Stars and Stripes Park is a brilliant mix of green spaces, scenic ponds and themed art installations designed to honor first responders and veterans, as well as provide an astronomical learning experience for the community.

Evoking a sense of pride and reflection, Stars and Stripes Park is anchored by a prominent display centered around a majestic waving flag and massive, gleaming star sculptures bearing symbols of service and thoughtful quotes from veterans, first responders and front-line medical personnel. The letters and shapes are cut out and lit colorfully from within using unique point-source lighting technology which projects the images onto the ground and visitors at night. The stars include many captivating design elements that illuminate the surrounding areas and extend the art experience beyond their physical boundaries. Experienced in their totality, the stars and stripes honor the service of veterans, first responders and front-line medical professionals as detailed quotes tell a fascinating story of service, perseverance, courage, bravery and reflection.

“We’re very excited to bring Stars and Stripes Park to life at Tradition. This will surely become a popular gathering spot for the community, particularly on patriotic holidays,” said Dan Grosswald, Mattamy’s Southeast Florida Division President. “The park’s artistic and thoughtful displays will enrich the lives of Tradition’s residents, creating an even stronger sense of pride and appreciation in the community.”

To celebrate the park groundbreaking, Mattamy Homes and the City of Port St. Lucie will host an event on Thursday, April 25 from 9:30 to 11 a.m. at 12441 Southwest Village Parkway. Attendees will enjoy light bites, brief speeches by city and Mattamy Homes representatives, and a photo opp.

“Stars and Stripes Park will be a wonderful addition to our city, honoring our first responders and veterans while offering a beautiful space for Port St. Lucie residents to enjoy,” said Mayor Shannon Martin. “Parks play a vital role in the well-being of our beautiful community, and we are committed to providing more greenspaces and recreational opportunities across the city.”

Another “star” attraction of the park will be an awe-inspiring solar system display, centered around a brilliant sun dial with gyroscopic rings of metal and multi-colored translucent inserts that change color as the sun moves through the sky. This section, which includes an art installation and name for each planet, was created to demonstrate the considerable range of distances between the planetary orbits. Each planet will be illuminated at night for a colorful display.

The concentric circles in the display start very close together, representing how the orbits of Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars hug the inside of the solar system. Accordingly, the orbits become much more distant from one another as viewers travel outward, with Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto rounding out the solar system—a stunning visualization that invites residents to contemplate Earth’s modest place in their solar system, galaxy, and universe.

A thoughtfully placed stand of bamboo trees divides the park’s solar system area from the parking lot, creating an appealing and conceptual buffer between areas while adding a unique tree line for photo opportunities on either side. Decorated, line-of-sight walkways connect the various areas of Stars and Stripes Park, making it an ideal place for residents to walk and explore. The park also features a traffic circle with shaded seating for TIM shuttle passengers.

Over the past five years, Mattamy Homes has been at the helm of Tradition’s continued evolution, bringing to life several new neighborhoods including Manderlie, Emery, Telaro and Cadence – with more in the pipeline. The developer has also focused on creating state-of-the-art innovations to enrich the residential experience at Tradition, including the Tradition in Motion (TIM) autonomous shuttle and an e-bike sharing program, which provide easy connectivity between key community destinations.

Mattamy recently broke ground on its 73-foot HEART in the Park sculpture, which will be the tallest heart sculpture in the world once complete next spring.

Tradition’s impressive range of amenities, community events and bustling town center have been a major draw for residents, helping to create a strong and inviting sense of community where neighbors can engage, participate in events and build meaningful connections.

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About Mattamy Homes

Mattamy Homes is the largest privately owned homebuilder in North America, with 40-plus years of history across the United States and Canada. Every year, Mattamy helps more than 8,000 families realize their dream of homeownership. In the United States, the company is represented in 11 markets — Dallas, Charlotte, Raleigh, Phoenix, Tucson, Jacksonville, Orlando (where its U.S. head office is located), Tampa, Sarasota, Naples and Southeast Florida. In Canada, Mattamy Homes’ communities stretch across the Greater Toronto Area as well as Ottawa, Calgary and Edmonton. Visit for more information.


Driving Future Opportunities: Tradition and Beep Host TIM STEM Engagement Event at Tradition Preparatory High School

Since its inception, Tradition has been steadfast in its dedication to fostering community engagement, workforce development and innovative opportunities to build a better future. So it’s only fitting that Tradition Preparatory High School students get a first-hand look at the future “in motion” – right in their backyard.

On Jan. 11, we teamed up with Beep – our autonomous shuttle partner for Tradition in Motion (TIM), to host a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) engagement event at the Port St. Lucie school. The event gave more than 900 enthusiastic students an opportunity to explore the impact of the TIM autonomous shuttle and learn about the intersection of technology, automation, and workforce development.

The TIM shuttle was on display during all three lunch periods, giving students ample time to experience the vehicle and learn from Beep’s site manager. At the engagement tent, students participated in an interactive 3D map-matching activity featuring live routes of operating TIM vehicles. Students went home with Tradition branded koozies, wristbands, and candy – a sweet reminder of their educational afternoon.

Beep’s local Research and Development team were also on-site to answer students’ questions, share details about TIM’s existing route network, and discuss the upcoming Western Grove project.

“The expansion of TIM’s routes at Tradition reflect Mattamy’s broader visit of outward mobility and providing an enhanced community experience,” said Dan Grosswald, Southeast Florida Division President for Mattamy Homes. “Residents will enjoy convenient access to the soon-to-open regional park in Western Grove without ever having to step foot in their car.”

Known for its commitment to innovation, Tradition Preparatory High School is set to become a hub for students seeking pathways to the jobs of tomorrow. This collaboration highlights Tradition’s dedication to preparing the next generation for the challenges and smart growth opportunities brought by automation.

“This event aligns with our commitment to prepare students for the future job market. By showcasing technology, automation, and workforce development, we hope to inspire and equip our students for success,” said Christiana Coburn, Tradition Preparatory High School Principal.

Following the success of this event, we will be partnering with Beep on March 28 from 8 to 11 a.m. at the Tradition Preparatory High School Symposium, a multi-faceted student engagement event that will include a college and career fair, TED Talks, artist masterclasses, and more.

Launched in December 2020, our TIM shuttles and service have been connecting riders to Tradition Town Square and other neighborhoods throughout the community. The network has safely connected and transported more than 16,000 passengers with its 100-percent electric autonomous TIM shuttles, and reduced the equivalent of more than 9,000 vehicle trips and thousands of pounds of carbon emissions.

The TIM network is part of Tradition’s larger plan called the T-Trail, which will consist of miles of experiential trailheads for shuttle riders, bicyclists and pedestrians providing residents greater freedom to travel how, where and when they want. Future expansions of the network include connections to other key areas of the Tradition’s 2,780 acres, including Tradition’s future regional park in Western Grove and Stars and Stripes Park in Southern Grove.

Cadence Named Community of the Year

The annual prestigious PRISM Awards honor outstanding builders, planners, architects, developers, designers, merchandisers, advertisers, and other housing-related professionals. Featuring multiple categories, the awards encompass all facets of the residential, commercial and remodeling industries.

“We are honored to receive this recognition from the Gold Coast Builders Association, which plays such an integral role in the construction industry throughout the region,” said Dan Grosswald, Mattamy’s Southeast Florida Division President. “Achieving these awards is a testament to the unwavering commitment and dedication of our team.”

In addition to the Community of the Year award, Cadence at Tradition took home Platinum Prism Awards for Best Logo and Best Landscape Architecture and Design.

Helmed by Steve Garrett of Lucido & Associates, the landscape architecture and design at Cadence at Tradition is comprised of unique details, native-oriented trees and plants, as well as sustainable, long-lasting landscape materials.

The community offers one and two-story single-family homes within the Patriot and Heritage collections, with townhomes available in the Anthem collection. Residents are treated to an exclusive access to private amenities, including a resort-style swimming pool, children’s wading pool, cabana, grilling stations, large open space, as well as direct access to the T Trail.

Platinum Awards Winners

  • Felicity Model: New Construction: Single Family Attached – under 2,000 sq. ft.
  • Cascades Model: New Construction: Single Family Detached – Under 2,000 sq. ft.
  • Gateway Model: New Construction: Single Family Detached – 2,000-2,499 sq. ft.
  • Shenandoah Model: New Construction: Single Family Detached – 2,500-2,999 sq. ft.
  • Telaro Sports/Zen: New Construction: Best Recreation Facility or Amenity
  • Shenandoah Model: Residential Interior Merchandising – Residential Interior Merchandising of a home priced $275,000 to $400,000
  • Mount Rainier Model: Residential Interior Merchandising – Residential Interior Merchandising of a home priced $400,000 to $600,000

Professional Achievement Awards

  • Amanda Meyer, Marketing Manager Mattamy Homes: Professional Achievement Award for Marketing Professional of the Year.

The PRISM Awards program is affiliated with the Gold Coast Builders Association, the local chapter of the Florida Home Builders Association (FHBA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

Tradition fuels rapid growth in Port St. Lucie


Posted at 6:47AM, Jul 27, 2023


PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — While Florida’s population has been growing since 2020 at a faster rate than any other state, one town on the Treasure Coast is doing plenty to lead the way.

But it may not be the first place that comes to mind.

It’s Port St. Lucie, now Florida’s sixth largest city, which is also in the top 10 of America’s fastest growing cities, among those with a population of at least 50,000. And at the heart of that expansion is a pulse provided by a town within a town — one that attracted Mary Milmore and her husband 15 years ago.

“You can call me an old timer and a historic reference person,” Mary said when talking about the community of “Tradition.”

Sounding like a savvy civic booster, Mary points to “friendly people, booming economy, business is moving in on a monthly basis, and (it’s) still growing.”

But this master-planned community was once a massive missed opportunity.

“The original developer went bankrupt and we came in along with a partnership with the city and just started investing money, developing a lot of new neighborhoods, new innovations, and we create a sense of place and a sense of community that people really just want to live here,” said Dan Grosswald, a developer with Mattamy Homes.

Make that a lot of people.

That five-year partnership has spawned shops, parks and a 20-mile nature trail, and new homes in a wide price range. There’s even a driverless shuttle to get around the neighborhood. (Not so small town, right?)

“We took what was here and just made it better. The town center is the hub. It really creates a sense of place for people rather than just a large tract of homes, creating a place where people want to live, know their neighbors, have fun together, develop strong bonds.”

Tradition has 5,000 homes and about 10,000 people now.

Mattamy sees another seven to ten years of building out Tradition, adding up to thousands of additional new homes, as well as more parks and public places. New schools, too.

And as the Port St. Lucie metro population rises by ten thousand people a year, that Tradition pulse is now a welcoming drumbeat.

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Closer to the HEART

Tradition’s future HEART sculpture is on its way! Massive metal pieces have been carefully packed for safe transport and are currently making their way to Tradition.

Filipino-American artist JEFRË and his expert team of metal fabricators have been hard at work in their studio constructing each huge section of the HEART. Once the pieces have safely arrived at Tradition, JEFRË will lead the careful process of assembly and installation.

The completed HEART will sit on a circular pedestal in a raised plaza at the intersection of Discovery Way and Village Parkway. Its gleaming surfaces will reflect sunny blue skies. At night, moonlight will reflect from metal as LED lighting traces the distinctive edges.

The 70-foot-tall sculpture will make a distinctive landmark, visible all the way from Tradition’s main entrance near I-95 — and HEART in the Park is sure to become a favorite destination at Tradition. With ample seating and gathering areas, the plaza will be a place to meet, take a break or just take in the scenery.

The huge HEART will attract every eye with its charming, romantic shape. It stands for love and friendship. You’ll be able to celebrate your best buddies, teammates, coworkers and family here. Expect it to be an irresistible spot for photo ops — or even wedding proposals.

HEART in the Park will connect with the walkway and promenade of the upcoming Shoppes at the HEART project. Shoppers will have a truly inspiring place to pause, refresh or “reflect” … no pun intended. The park will also connect with Tradition’s iconic T Trail and offer ample parking for vehicles, golf carts and bicycles.

So far, watching JEFRË’s artistic vision in progress has been a real journey. From raw sheets of metal to gorgeously flowing curves, we have seen the HEART begin to take shape. We’re excited to know it will soon arrive for the next stage of creation. Stay tuned for updates!

Tradition Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Big Things to Come

Picture it: April 25, 2003—Tradition’s Town Hall and Town Square make their grand debut, signifying the official opening of our master-planned community and setting the stage for what was to become the most transformative project in Port St. Lucie history.

Now – two decades later – we celebrate Tradition’s 20th anniversary with a heartwarming peek into the past and an exciting look at what’s ahead.

In 2018, Mattamy acquired Tradition with a vision of bringing the community to new heights. Since then, we have been at the helm of Tradition’s continued evolution, bringing to life several new neighborhoods, including Manderlie, Emery, Kenley, Telaro – our first active adult [55+] community – and Cadence. And that’s just the beginning.

With several more neighborhoods and community projects in the pipeline, we are currently focused on creating state-of-the-art innovations to enrich the residential experience here at Tradition, including the Tradition in Motion (TIM) autonomous shuttle and an e-bike sharing program, both of which provide easy connectivity between key community destinations (such as the aforementioned Town Hall and Town Square).

Additionally, we are currently constructing HEART in the Park, the tallest heart sculpture in the world, which will be visible from I-95; Stars & Stripes Park, a brilliant mix of green areas, scenic pods and themed art installations; the Southern Grove Park & Amphitheatre (SoGro), which will host concerts, festivals, dramatic presentations and more; and Tradition Regional Park, a 110-acre park that will feature multi-purpose sports fields, nature trails, observation areas, and more.

All that said…who wouldn’t want to call Tradition home? Our impressive range of amenities, community events and bustling Town Center have been a major draw for those like longtime resident Gail Cost, a New Jersey native who has benefitted from Tradition’s strong sense of community fellowship since its inception. She enjoys gathering with her neighbors to socialize, participate in events and build meaningful connections.

“When I first saw Tradition, I fell in love with it and said, ‘this is where I want to live.’ My journey at Tradition has been a testament to the transformative power of community…I found comfort, joy, security and a sense of belonging here,” said Cost. “Mattamy came in and really brought it to life. It’s growing and becoming what I always knew it would be. There’s a lot of heart in Tradition. I really love living here.”

Residents recently gathered at our Festival of Tradition, which celebrated our community’s 20th anniversary and suitably took place where it all began: Town Hall.

“Tradition is more than just a residential community—it’s a way of life,” said Dan Grosswald, Mattamy’s Southeast Florida Division President. “We are proud of how Tradition has progressed over the past 20 years, and we’re excited to build on that success with new and innovative ideas that will make the community an even better place to live.”

With Mattamy’s involvement, Tradition is poised to continue thriving as a vibrant and welcoming community for years to come.


Mattamy Homes Celebrates Launch of New Tradition in Motion (TIM) Route at Telaro Community


The new route increases connectivity and convenience at Telaro, Tradition’s 55+ active adult community. 

Mattamy Homes recently revealed the latest Tradition in Motion (TIM) route at Telaro, its new, 55+ active adult neighborhood located within the Tradition master-planned community. The route launched on March 14 and was celebrated with two resident events, including an afternoon “TIM Talk at Telaro” and evening soiree.

Many Telaro residents, such as Mike and Shawna Gracey, are enjoying the benefits of having TIM right outside their home. “We moved to Tradition to be closer to our grandkids, so it’s really convenient that we can just hop in the TIM and easily head over without having to drive. It’s a nice and eco-friendly way to travel around town and interact with our neighbors.”

Launched in 2020, the TIM shuttle service has shuttled thousands of residents and visitors from landmark to landmark in air-conditioned comfort. The battery-powered shuttles are fully autonomous, relying on GPS and onboard computerization to control judicious steering, stopping and starting. Though the technology has been proven safe in widespread use, there is also a human operator aboard, ready and able to control the shuttle manually if needed.

Linda Ortiz moved to Telaro at Tradition from Fort Lauderdale, where she had eagerly spent “20 years” waiting for a convenient and safe method of transportation just like TIM.

“TIM is well-designed and comfortable. It really makes life so much easier. I absolutely love it,” she says. “To walk out my door, hop on the TIM and go from Telaro into Town Center safely, without worrying about finding parking, is amazing. With this and the e-bikes, I may just sell my car!”

Linda’s sister, who also lives at Telaro and is deaf, says TIM’s clear directions and signage make it easier for her to get around, highlighting the importance of safe, comfortable, and convenient community transportation for those living with disabilities. She and Linda have friends in Manderlie and use the TIM to travel back and forth to see them.

The shuttles also serve as a mobile information resource. Each TIM attendant acts as less of a driver and more of a tour guide who’s eager to give directions, answer questions about Tradition life and suggest fun things to do in the surrounding areas.

Tradition residents Diego Binow and Brian Sherwin said TIM was one aspect that drew them to the area. “We wanted to have this kind of service available wherever we moved. With TIM, you don’t have to worry about parking or navigation. It’s also really convenient for anyone who can’t drive and saves residents money on ridesharing apps.”

Lorelei St. James and Wayne Lauer also said TIM drew them to move to Telaro at Tradition. “As we age, that’s one thing we want to have – a service that helps us get around town, so we don’t have to get in our car and deal with traffic or parking. The TIM ride is smooth, fun and safe. All you have to know is where to get on and where to get off.”

Eventually, the TIM network will span nearly 20 miles.

“TIM shuttles are the perfect complement to Telaro’s luxurious and low-maintenance lifestyle,” said Dan Grosswald, Mattamy’s Southeast Florida Division President. “Mattamy Homes is thrilled to launch this exclusive TIM route for residents in our debut active adult community, where we’re also introducing new amenities and lifestyle programming. It’s the ideal safe, convenient and environmentally friendly way to get around and meet your neighbors within Tradition.”

Telaro at Tradition includes over 400 homesites featuring elegant and contemporary villas, as well as single family homes, ranging from 1,370 to 2,800 square feet.

To learn more about Telaro at Tradition, visit For more information about TIM, click here.

Telaro opens Phase I of amenities

With the opening of brand-new resident amenities, Telaro is giving its 55-and-up residents more to see and do — without ever leaving their neighborhood.

Of course, they’ve always been able to enjoy all the amenities of greater Tradition. From Town Hall to Town Square, they’ve seen the sights. Many have already walked the T Trail, ridden the TIM shuttles and taken part in some of the concerts, festivals, events and lakeside fitness classes that are such a rich part of Tradition life.

But now, Telaro residents will have more amenity features to call their own. It’s the perfect complement to Mattamy Homes’ stylish single-family home and contemporary villa floorplans.

Telaro’s completed Phase 1 amenities consist of:

  • a temporary amenity center with 2 separate indoor spaces
  • lounge area
  • card tables
  • restrooms
  • outdoor oasis area
  • two sparkling swimming pools
  • sun decks
  • 7 pickleball courts
  • tournament court
  • tennis court
  • basketball court
  • cabana building
  • gazebo
  • community Zen garden


Telaro residents are now able to socialize in a variety of different spaces. From a pickup pickleball game to an impromptu basketball match, it’s easy to get exercise while sharing conversation with new friends and neighbors.

For those in a more sedate mood, the two new heated pools will doubtlessly provide hours of sunbathing enjoyment — whether in or out of the water. It’s a great place to cool down, relax or even socialize to make plans for later.

Having Phase 1 finished gives Telaro residents a new option for recreation and socialization, even closer to home.

This is a wonderful beginning, but it’s only the initial phase of the full amenities that Telaro will soon offer — all situated on an impressive, private-access island complex.

Phase II will include a 20,000 sq. ft. clubhouse, pools and bocce ball courts. Construction for these features will begin in late spring to early summer of this year, and the full complement of amenities are expected to open in 2024.

Since Telaro is a low-maintenance community, homeowners will have much more free time to spend enjoying these extraordinary facilities. That’s a win-win!

Combined with the fine Mattamy Homes floorplans now selling (with both single-family homes and contemporary villas available), Telaro at Tradition is a recipe for the perfect active-adult lifestyle.

Town Hall is updating to a fresh new look for Tradition’s 20th

One of Tradition Square’s most iconic features is getting a major upgrade!

Starting May 1st and continuing through the summer, we will be updating Tradition Town Hall to better meet the needs and expectations of the community.

Outside you will see Town Hall getting a fresh coat of paint, a new roof and new steeple lighting.

The inside of the building will be beautified through light fixtures, new flooring, accent wall coverings, and new furniture in several rooms. The air conditioning will have repairs done, and the bathrooms will also get a fresh update. The kitchen and prep area will be undergoing a complete renovation, with new cabinetry, tile floors, quartz countertops and backsplash.

The overall style will be sophisticated, yet warm and inviting — with textured, neutral colors for an elegant simplicity.

With all these steps completed, Town Hall will become a stylish, photogenic and full-featured venue for events, private functions, expos, seminars, birthdays, dances or weddings. Accessible ADA-compliant entry, ample parking and easy T Trail access make this amenity easy for all to enjoy.

To minimize inconvenience to the public, we have chosen to undertake these improvements during the off-season — so come fall, Town Hall will look better than ever.

We thank you in advance for your patience with this process! We will continue to provide progress updates. We’re as excited as you are to see the results, and we’re confident everyone will be overjoyed with the outcome.

TIM shuttle service expands, adding new Telaro route

Tradition’s TIM shuttle service really DOES keep getting better. For the last several years, Tradition has continued to add new stops, new shuttles and new routes to the TIM system in what has become one of the most innovative uses of autonomous shuttles in a major development.

This time, we’re adding another all-new route to and from the neighborhood of Telaro — our 55-and-up neighborhood. The new route will connect these active adults to Tradition Town Square and the Landings.

The new route will also lead to two of Tradition’s future additions. The HEART in the Park statue and Stars and Stripes Park are sure to become popular features of the community, and the TIM shuttle will have dedicated stops at both locations.

The new route to Telaro will operate on a dedicated multimodal path. This means a route physically separated from the normal roadway used by automobiles — an even safer way to accommodate the TIM shuttles and their starts and stops. Future TIM routes will also use similar dedicated paths.

Across all 17 square miles of our community, we strive to provide better living through technology. That includes Wi-Fi connectivity, electric bike share and accessible mobility services like TIM. This eliminates many metric tons of carbon emissions while also eliminating more than a few superfluous car trips.

With the TIM shuttle service being free to ride — and inherently kind to the environment — we hope to see many of you taking advantage of the service. It’s a great way to experience a new point of view while enjoying every carefree moment of the experience.