Telaro Bike Club Takes First Ride at Tradition

Cycling is a bit of a tradition at Mattamy, and it’s now literally at Tradition too! Telaro, Mattamy’s first 55+ active adult neighborhood within the master-planned community of Tradition in Port St. Lucie, Florida, has launched a highly anticipated cycling club for its residents.

The Telaro Bike Club invites both first-time riders and seasoned cyclists to meet fellow residents as they ride e-bikes and traditional bicycles, utilizing the community trail network. The club recently held its first successful meet-up, with more than 15 bikers participating in a seven-mile ride through downtown Tradition.

As a housewarming gift, homeowners who purchase a Mattamy home in Tradition’s Telaro neighborhood receive a complimentary e-bike from Rad Power Bikes.

“Many Telaro homeowners have been so happy with their e-bike, they’ve purchased an additional one,” says Sandi Quigley, Director of Marketing for Mattamy’s Southeast Florida Division. “The bikes are a great way for residents to integrate wellness into their lifestyle and enjoy Tradition’s extensive T-Trail.”

Residents of Telaro have direct access to Tradition’s T Trail, an experiential 20-mile, multimodal system connecting them to the entire community on dedicated paths for biking, walking, running and carting. The highly amenitized community also features a 15,000-square-foot clubhouse with a fitness center, café, lounge and card rooms. The building opens onto resort-style and lap pools, cabanas, a poolside bar and market. Homeowners also enjoy community gardens, an event lawn, and sports courts for pickleball, tennis, basketball and bocce, as well as TIM, South Florida’s first autonomous shuttle service.


Stellar sculptures in progress for Stars And Stripes Park

Brilliant. Colorful. Captivating. Inspiring.

These are just a few of the adjectives that may come to mind when you preview the sculptures in progress for Stars and Stripes Park.

New photos from the artists’ studio reveal beautiful star-shaped installations in advanced stages of fabrication for the upcoming park project. The sculptures are made of gleaming metal, seemingly free-floating — yet sturdily braced by understated base and support struts.

Each face of the geometric shapes is perforated with a multitude of shapes. From out of these shapes, multicolored lights project beams outward onto all the stars’ surroundings. The shapes are cut into patterns out of sheer metal and range from simple stars, planes and rank insignia to various symbols representing branches of the armed forces.

There are also thoughtful quotes from veterans and first responders. One of the briefer messages reads,


Other quotes are more extensive in length. One such quote reads,


Between the soon-to-be-iconic styling of the different stars and their deeper, more personal meanings, these sculptures are shaping up to be an inspiring addition to the future Stars and Stripes Park. The pleasing array of colors from the internally amounted lighting adds emotional impact to each star, offering a vivid mix of oranges, pinks, blues, reds and golds.

The stars will be installed in a particularly patriotic area of the park, positioned to complement a distinctive “waving flag” sculpture. These individual pieces will all add up to a meaningful experience that we can’t wait for you to enjoy.

Telaro Named Community of the Year

Held annually, the prestigious PRISM Awards honor outstanding builders, planners, architects, developers, designers, merchandisers, advertisers, and other housing-related professionals. Featuring multiple categories, the Awards encompass all facets of the residential, commercial and remodeling industries.

“We are honored to be recognized by the Gold Coast Builders Association, the voice of the construction industry in Palm Beach and northern Broward Counties,” said Dan Grosswald, Mattamy’s Southeast Florida Division President. “Winning these awards is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, and we are excited to see what the future holds as we continue bringing our projects to life.”

Telaro at Tradition, named community of the year, is a 55+ active adult neighborhood in the extraordinary master-planned community of Tradition. This highly sought-after enclave of 400+ homesites features elegant and contemporary villas and single-family homes ranging from 1,370 to 2,800 square feet.

The exclusive Telaro lifestyle includes abundant amenities, social spaces, lifestyle programming, and convenient access to all that the sprawling community of Tradition has to offer.

In addition, Mattamy Homes received eight Silver Awards and one Professional Achievement Award, most for floor plans that are quite popular in Tradition, such as :

Silver Award Winners

  • Eden Model: New Construction – Single Family Attached, Under 2,000 Square Feet
  • Clarion Model: Residential Interior Merchandising – Residential Interior Design of a Model Home
  • Lotus Model: Architectural Design – Single Family Home
  • Felicity Model: Architectural Design – Residential Attached
  • Manderlie at Tradition: Landscape Architecture & Design – Recreational
  • Telaro at Tradition: Landscape Architecture & Design Community – Overall Development Design

Professional Achievement Awards

  • Ronald Mardon, Mattamy Homes: Rookie Sales Professional of The Year

The PRISM Awards program is affiliated with the Gold Coast Builders Association, the local chapter of the Florida Home Builders Association (FHBA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

For more information on Mattamy Homes, visit

Proposed SoGro park and amphitheater brings music, joy to Tradition

Picture this scene: you’re outdoors under Florida sunshine. A playful breeze stirs the grass and gently rocks the trees. You’re resting in your favorite armchair as live music starts to wash over you.

A soaring vocal melody echoes across the landscape, setting the mood. An acoustic guitar chimes in with brilliantly strummed chords. You stir in anticipation as the melody and harmony winds up unexpectedly. What new turn will this song take?

Then an irresistible beat and a bouncing bass join the lavish soundscape — both mobilizing and perfecting the mood. Suddenly, you can’t help but dance.

These vivid sensations could become a welcome new part of your weekly routine once our newest proposed amenity offering is approved. Southern Grove Park & Amphitheater (affectionately known as SoGro) will host concerts, festivals, dramatic presentations and more.

The acoustics will be second to none. From practically anywhere on the vast, open green space, your ears will be treated to the clear, sweet sounds of local and national performers.

While anyone can set up a speaker and DJ the latest hits, we all know there’s a certain “instant magic” in live performances by talented singers and musicians. SoGro will be a lovely place for these dedicated performers to show off their latest repertoire for your listening pleasure.

SoGro will certainly bring musical magic to Tradition life. We also look forward to filling our events calendar with new comedy, plays, magic and other entertainment — and seeing you in attendance on these beautifully maintained grounds. It’s all part of a combination that we hope will thrill residents with regularly-scheduled diversions for families, friends and neighbors.

Tradition encourages connectedness with widespread WiFi

Robust WiFi coverage makes daily Internet access much more convenient, and pleasurable than it was even a few short years ago. We can probably all remember being stuck at a static desktop computer location — or awkwardly angling a laptop from the least convenient room of the house to achieve a strong wireless signal.

Thankfully, wireless connectivity has come a long way in a short time. It’s now considered a critical part of essential infrastructure — very much a necessity and no longer a luxury. Whether on a smartphone, iPad or laptop, today’s population expects their favorite devices to be (and stay) connected.

Tradition offers strong WiFi signals and complete coverage throughout the T-Trail and Town Square — which immediately makes daily life easier for residents, their guests and any other visitors to our community. This is a game changer for anyone working from home, allowing them to balance bandwidth-heavy office tasks with comfortably-clad domestic bliss.

Of course, it’s not just working-from-home residents who benefit from great Wi-Fi. The kids need it for homework. Parents need it to connect and pay bills, conduct routine or emergency telemedicine appointments and simply stay connected with friends and extended family.

Here in Tradition, staying in touch with nearby businesses and educational facilities is also a factor. For instance, staying in the know about our many community events is essential. Our strong WiFi coverage already helps people every day — fostering connections and building an even stronger sense of community.

Coming later this year, a new Tradition app for smartphones will keep residents even better connected. They will be able to look up TIM shuttle routes/times, explore local businesses and easily connect to Tradition’s extensive activities calendar for up-to-the-minute entertainment and event info using this free app. Stay tuned for more details on this upcoming resource as we announce them!

Play ball! Proposed park to bring sport, exercise to Tradition

We’ve been working on major projects at Tradition, including some ambitious proposals that will bring even more value to this wellness-focused community. One of these proposals is for Western Grove Regional Park (affectionately nicknamed WeGro) — an outdoor gathering space that will bring more of a sports emphasis to Tradition’s offerings.

WeGro Park will host dedicated sports fields where residents will be able to play baseball, softball and soccer. This is such a great way to get outdoors, get involved and be sociable in a carefree setting of friendly competition. We expect these meticulously-maintained fields to be the centerpiece of many happy, triumphant afternoons to come.

There will also be expansive green fields of open space to run, play, picnic, fly a kite or simply enjoy the outdoors. There’s an unbeatable beauty to the Florida outdoors; perhaps it’s the combination of brilliant green grass, bountiful treelines and stunning blue skies. WeGro’s open fields will be yet another place in Tradition where people can enjoy these natural views.

Speaking of which, WeGro will also connect to the growing T-Trail system. It will be yet another meaningful stop on this lengthy trail and a natural stopping point for trail walkers and bicycle riders.

TIM just keeps getting better

There’s nothing like a free ride! The Tradition In Motion (TIM) shuttle service has shuttled thousands of residents and visitors from landmark to landmark in air-conditioned comfort.

These shuttles are fully autonomous, relying on GPS and onboard computerization to control judicious steering, stopping and starting. Though the technology has been proven safe in widespread use, there is also a human operator aboard, ready and able to control the shuttle manually if needed.

In addition to a convenient, safe and comfortable ride, these shuttles also serve as a mobile information resource. Each TIM attendant acts as less of a driver and more of a tour guide — a friendly expert who’s always eager to give directions, answer questions about Tradition life and suggest fun things to do in the surrounding areas.

The TIM shuttles are battery-powered, requiring no gasoline to operate — and, as such, they are free of the carbon emissions and noise associated with an internal combustion engine. That makes TIM shuttles the perfect complement to Tradition’s environmentally friendly philosophy and nature preserves.

Progress on TIM’s infrastructure has been steady and is still ongoing. As Tradition’s inaugural residents will surely remember, the TIM shuttle service started with two routes. We will soon add four more shuttles and additional routes to make TIM even more convenient. Eventually, the TIM network will span nearly 20 miles total.

Stay tuned as we get closer to announcing more details for TIM riders. For now, save a car trip by taking the TIM — and enjoy the ride!

Town Hall is part of Tradition’s unique identity

One of the most notable features of Tradition Square is our Town Hall. In fact, you could fairly call it an iconic part of Tradition — perhaps even the centerpiece!

The vintage look of this historic church is certainly appropriate for the Tradition concept. The clocks mounted in the old steeple are a throwback to a simpler time, when people didn’t have smartphones to tell them the time of day.

With quaint uplighting after dusk, the tall steeple is also an immediately recognizable landmark. This would have been a very useful aid to local navigation from the years before Google Maps, but it’s just as helpful as a means of orienting yourself in modern times.

Today, the building serves as Tradition’s indoor events space and is regularly used for community events as well as private functions. Important occasions like weddings, birthdays and large gatherings are frequently held here — as well as open-to-the-public seminars, expos, cooking demonstrations and so forth.

Plans for an interior and exterior makeover will be underway in late 2022. The interior will be updated with neutral colors throughout, updated light fixtures and gorgeous new flooring. On the exterior, a stage area will be added facing Town Square Event Square to enhance the viewer experience for events.

Tradition’s Town Square is host to Town Hall, sitting next to the Town Square Event Green and near the gazebo. As a prominent lakeside landmark, Tradition Town Hall is easy for all Tradition residents to access — with both a central location and ample parking. It’s also accessible via the T Trail and is one of the convenient stops on the TIM autonomous shuttle routes.

If you haven’t already visited Tradition Town Hall, you should stop by. It might be the perfect space for your next event!

See the sights along Tradition’s iconic T Trail

One of the first, and most definitive, amenities in Tradition is the Tradition Trail — commonly known as the T Trail. It’s the ultimate place to stretch your legs, get some fresh air and fill your soul with the soothing sights, sounds and scents of nature! Studies have proven that spending time outdoors — even something as simple as a leisurely walk — can help improve breathing, improve sleep and restore your mental clarity.

The T Trail is a wide, multi-use path winding through Tradition’s generous 300 acres of parks, ponds and conservation areas.  Through both sunny and shaded green spaces, the trail invites you to walk, jog, run or bicycle. Thanks to Florida’s year-round temperate weather, the trail can be used during any season and residents can continue to cash in on the benefits of staying active outdoors — like reduction of stress and muscle tension relief.

Bright and vibrant Tradition-branded colors highlight areas of the trail, such as the seating areas and intersection markings.

The Connect e-bike share program, coming fall 2022, is Tradition’s new program for residents to enjoy some leisure time on a shared electric bike — and it will be a perfect complement to the T Trail. Numerous charging/pickup stations are planned along the trail and at other key locations around Tradition, with the initial stations at Talk in the Park and Tradition Square. It’s entirely possible to catch a meal at Tradition Town Square and then “take the long way home” on the trail before heading back home.

The T Trail has become a part of the resident’s daily activities, making exercise a part of their healthy, happy lives at Tradition.


Stars and Stripes Park proposed as major new attraction

Continuing our dedication to providing inspiring amenities for residents, Tradition has proposed a very special outdoor amenity area with a sweeping vision. Stars And Stripes Park will be a major attraction for residents within the Tradition community and a brand-new destination on the routes of the familiar TIM shuttles.

The park itself is a brilliant mix of green areas, scenic ponds and themed art installations. A patriotic entrance wall with a bold “Stars and Stripes Park” logo will be festooned with red, white and blue flowers at its base. One prominent display is a circular area centered around huge, gleaming star sculptures bearing symbols, messages and inspirational quotes from veterans and first responders. These letters and shapes are cut out of the material and lit colorfully from within, projecting onto the ground at night. One of the stars also has swirl design elements that also illuminate the surrounding area.

Next to these stars is a majestic “waving flag” display. It’s easy to imagine this becoming a popular spot for gathering and reflection on patriotic holidays like Independence Day and Veteran’s Day.

One of the “star” attractions of the park is sure to be the solar system display, centered around a brilliant sun sculpture with “gyroscopic” rings of metal and multi-colored translucent inserts. This section has an art installation and name for each planet, arranged to demonstrate the considerable range of distances between the planetary orbits. Each planet will be illuminated at night for a colorful display.

The concentric circles start very close together, showing how the orbits of Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars hug the inside of the solar system. Accordingly, the orbits become much more distant from one another as we travel outward, with Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto rounding out the solar system. It’s a visually stunning and awe-inspiring way to contemplate Earth’s modest place in our solar system, galaxy, and universe.

A carefully placed stand of bamboo trees divides this solar system area from the parking lot, creating a visual and conceptual buffer between areas and adding a non-typical tree line for great photo opportunities on either side.

Decorated, line-of-sight walkways connect the various areas of the park, making this a great place to stretch your legs and explore. There are internally-lit star sculptures suspended over water for a celestial effect. There’s also a traffic circle with shaded seating for TIM shuttle passengers.

Stars and Stripes Park is in the conceptual stages of planning and is proposed to open in the summer of 2023.