There’s nothing like a free ride! The Tradition In Motion (TIM) shuttle service has shuttled thousands of residents and visitors from landmark to landmark in air-conditioned comfort.

These shuttles are fully autonomous, relying on GPS and onboard computerization to control judicious steering, stopping and starting. Though the technology has been proven safe in widespread use, there is also a human operator aboard, ready and able to control the shuttle manually if needed.

In addition to a convenient, safe and comfortable ride, these shuttles also serve as a mobile information resource. Each TIM attendant acts as less of a driver and more of a tour guide — a friendly expert who’s always eager to give directions, answer questions about Tradition life and suggest fun things to do in the surrounding areas.

The TIM shuttles are battery-powered, requiring no gasoline to operate — and, as such, they are free of the carbon emissions and noise associated with an internal combustion engine. That makes TIM shuttles the perfect complement to Tradition’s environmentally friendly philosophy and nature preserves.

Progress on TIM’s infrastructure has been steady and is still ongoing. As Tradition’s inaugural residents will surely remember, the TIM shuttle service started with two routes. We will soon add four more shuttles and additional routes to make TIM even more convenient. Eventually, the TIM network will span nearly 20 miles total.

Stay tuned as we get closer to announcing more details for TIM riders. For now, save a car trip by taking the TIM — and enjoy the ride!