Since its inception, Tradition has been steadfast in its dedication to fostering community engagement, workforce development and innovative opportunities to build a better future. So it’s only fitting that Tradition Preparatory High School students get a first-hand look at the future “in motion” – right in their backyard.

On Jan. 11, we teamed up with Beep – our autonomous shuttle partner for Tradition in Motion (TIM), to host a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) engagement event at the Port St. Lucie school. The event gave more than 900 enthusiastic students an opportunity to explore the impact of the TIM autonomous shuttle and learn about the intersection of technology, automation, and workforce development.

The TIM shuttle was on display during all three lunch periods, giving students ample time to experience the vehicle and learn from Beep’s site manager. At the engagement tent, students participated in an interactive 3D map-matching activity featuring live routes of operating TIM vehicles. Students went home with Tradition branded koozies, wristbands, and candy – a sweet reminder of their educational afternoon.

Beep’s local Research and Development team were also on-site to answer students’ questions, share details about TIM’s existing route network, and discuss the upcoming Western Grove project.

“The expansion of TIM’s routes at Tradition reflect Mattamy’s broader visit of outward mobility and providing an enhanced community experience,” said Dan Grosswald, Southeast Florida Division President for Mattamy Homes. “Residents will enjoy convenient access to the soon-to-open regional park in Western Grove without ever having to step foot in their car.”

Known for its commitment to innovation, Tradition Preparatory High School is set to become a hub for students seeking pathways to the jobs of tomorrow. This collaboration highlights Tradition’s dedication to preparing the next generation for the challenges and smart growth opportunities brought by automation.

“This event aligns with our commitment to prepare students for the future job market. By showcasing technology, automation, and workforce development, we hope to inspire and equip our students for success,” said Christiana Coburn, Tradition Preparatory High School Principal.

Following the success of this event, we will be partnering with Beep on March 28 from 8 to 11 a.m. at the Tradition Preparatory High School Symposium, a multi-faceted student engagement event that will include a college and career fair, TED Talks, artist masterclasses, and more.

Launched in December 2020, our TIM shuttles and service have been connecting riders to Tradition Town Square and other neighborhoods throughout the community. The network has safely connected and transported more than 16,000 passengers with its 100-percent electric autonomous TIM shuttles, and reduced the equivalent of more than 9,000 vehicle trips and thousands of pounds of carbon emissions.

The TIM network is part of Tradition’s larger plan called the T-Trail, which will consist of miles of experiential trailheads for shuttle riders, bicyclists and pedestrians providing residents greater freedom to travel how, where and when they want. Future expansions of the network include connections to other key areas of the Tradition’s 2,780 acres, including Tradition’s future regional park in Western Grove and Stars and Stripes Park in Southern Grove.