Robust WiFi coverage makes daily Internet access much more convenient, and pleasurable than it was even a few short years ago. We can probably all remember being stuck at a static desktop computer location — or awkwardly angling a laptop from the least convenient room of the house to achieve a strong wireless signal.

Thankfully, wireless connectivity has come a long way in a short time. It’s now considered a critical part of essential infrastructure — very much a necessity and no longer a luxury. Whether on a smartphone, iPad or laptop, today’s population expects their favorite devices to be (and stay) connected.

Tradition offers strong WiFi signals and complete coverage throughout the T-Trail and Town Square — which immediately makes daily life easier for residents, their guests and any other visitors to our community. This is a game changer for anyone working from home, allowing them to balance bandwidth-heavy office tasks with comfortably-clad domestic bliss.

Of course, it’s not just working-from-home residents who benefit from great Wi-Fi. The kids need it for homework. Parents need it to connect and pay bills, conduct routine or emergency telemedicine appointments and simply stay connected with friends and extended family.

Here in Tradition, staying in touch with nearby businesses and educational facilities is also a factor. For instance, staying in the know about our many community events is essential. Our strong WiFi coverage already helps people every day — fostering connections and building an even stronger sense of community.

Coming later this year, a new Tradition app for smartphones will keep residents even better connected. They will be able to look up TIM shuttle routes/times, explore local businesses and easily connect to Tradition’s extensive activities calendar for up-to-the-minute entertainment and event info using this free app. Stay tuned for more details on this upcoming resource as we announce them!