Picture this scene: you’re outdoors under Florida sunshine. A playful breeze stirs the grass and gently rocks the trees. You’re resting in your favorite armchair as live music starts to wash over you.

A soaring vocal melody echoes across the landscape, setting the mood. An acoustic guitar chimes in with brilliantly strummed chords. You stir in anticipation as the melody and harmony winds up unexpectedly. What new turn will this song take?

Then an irresistible beat and a bouncing bass join the lavish soundscape — both mobilizing and perfecting the mood. Suddenly, you can’t help but dance.

These vivid sensations could become a welcome new part of your weekly routine once our newest proposed amenity offering is approved. Southern Grove Park & Amphitheater (affectionately known as SoGro) will host concerts, festivals, dramatic presentations and more.

The acoustics will be second to none. From practically anywhere on the vast, open green space, your ears will be treated to the clear, sweet sounds of local and national performers.

While anyone can set up a speaker and DJ the latest hits, we all know there’s a certain “instant magic” in live performances by talented singers and musicians. SoGro will be a lovely place for these dedicated performers to show off their latest repertoire for your listening pleasure.

SoGro will certainly bring musical magic to Tradition life. We also look forward to filling our events calendar with new comedy, plays, magic and other entertainment — and seeing you in attendance on these beautifully maintained grounds. It’s all part of a combination that we hope will thrill residents with regularly-scheduled diversions for families, friends and neighbors.