Continuing our dedication to providing inspiring amenities for residents, Tradition has proposed a very special outdoor amenity area with a sweeping vision. Stars And Stripes Park will be a major attraction for residents within the Tradition community and a brand-new destination on the routes of the familiar TIM shuttles.

The park itself is a brilliant mix of green areas, scenic ponds and themed art installations. A patriotic entrance wall with a bold “Stars and Stripes Park” logo will be festooned with red, white and blue flowers at its base. One prominent display is a circular area centered around huge, gleaming star sculptures bearing symbols, messages and inspirational quotes from veterans and first responders. These letters and shapes are cut out of the material and lit colorfully from within, projecting onto the ground at night. One of the stars also has swirl design elements that also illuminate the surrounding area.

Next to these stars is a majestic “waving flag” display. It’s easy to imagine this becoming a popular spot for gathering and reflection on patriotic holidays like Independence Day and Veteran’s Day.

One of the “star” attractions of the park is sure to be the solar system display, centered around a brilliant sun sculpture with “gyroscopic” rings of metal and multi-colored translucent inserts. This section has an art installation and name for each planet, arranged to demonstrate the considerable range of distances between the planetary orbits. Each planet will be illuminated at night for a colorful display.

The concentric circles start very close together, showing how the orbits of Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars hug the inside of the solar system. Accordingly, the orbits become much more distant from one another as we travel outward, with Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto rounding out the solar system. It’s a visually stunning and awe-inspiring way to contemplate Earth’s modest place in our solar system, galaxy, and universe.

A carefully placed stand of bamboo trees divides this solar system area from the parking lot, creating a visual and conceptual buffer between areas and adding a non-typical tree line for great photo opportunities on either side.

Decorated, line-of-sight walkways connect the various areas of the park, making this a great place to stretch your legs and explore. There are internally-lit star sculptures suspended over water for a celestial effect. There’s also a traffic circle with shaded seating for TIM shuttle passengers.

Stars and Stripes Park is in the conceptual stages of planning and is proposed to open in the summer of 2023.