We’ve been working on major projects at Tradition, including some ambitious proposals that will bring even more value to this wellness-focused community. One of these proposals is for Western Grove Regional Park (affectionately nicknamed WeGro) — an outdoor gathering space that will bring more of a sports emphasis to Tradition’s offerings.

WeGro Park will host dedicated sports fields where residents will be able to play baseball, softball and soccer. This is such a great way to get outdoors, get involved and be sociable in a carefree setting of friendly competition. We expect these meticulously-maintained fields to be the centerpiece of many happy, triumphant afternoons to come.

There will also be expansive green fields of open space to run, play, picnic, fly a kite or simply enjoy the outdoors. There’s an unbeatable beauty to the Florida outdoors; perhaps it’s the combination of brilliant green grass, bountiful treelines and stunning blue skies. WeGro’s open fields will be yet another place in Tradition where people can enjoy these natural views.

Speaking of which, WeGro will also connect to the growing T-Trail system. It will be yet another meaningful stop on this lengthy trail and a natural stopping point for trail walkers and bicycle riders.