Tradition’s future HEART sculpture is on its way! Massive metal pieces have been carefully packed for safe transport and are currently making their way to Tradition.

Filipino-American artist JEFRË and his expert team of metal fabricators have been hard at work in their studio constructing each huge section of the HEART. Once the pieces have safely arrived at Tradition, JEFRË will lead the careful process of assembly and installation.

The completed HEART will sit on a circular pedestal in a raised plaza at the intersection of Discovery Way and Village Parkway. Its gleaming surfaces will reflect sunny blue skies. At night, moonlight will reflect from metal as LED lighting traces the distinctive edges.

The 70-foot-tall sculpture will make a distinctive landmark, visible all the way from Tradition’s main entrance near I-95 — and HEART in the Park is sure to become a favorite destination at Tradition. With ample seating and gathering areas, the plaza will be a place to meet, take a break or just take in the scenery.

The huge HEART will attract every eye with its charming, romantic shape. It stands for love and friendship. You’ll be able to celebrate your best buddies, teammates, coworkers and family here. Expect it to be an irresistible spot for photo ops — or even wedding proposals.

HEART in the Park will connect with the walkway and promenade of the upcoming Shoppes at the HEART project. Shoppers will have a truly inspiring place to pause, refresh or “reflect” … no pun intended. The park will also connect with Tradition’s iconic T Trail and offer ample parking for vehicles, golf carts and bicycles.

So far, watching JEFRË’s artistic vision in progress has been a real journey. From raw sheets of metal to gorgeously flowing curves, we have seen the HEART begin to take shape. We’re excited to know it will soon arrive for the next stage of creation. Stay tuned for updates!