One of Tradition’s proposed amenities will soon become a reality, while rising immediately to the rarified level of world-class status. “HEART in the Park” will be a stunning and iconic new community space centered around a gleaming, metallic art installation that will be the largest heart sculpture in the world.

As of June 13, 2022, the City Council and Public Art Advisory Board of Port St. Lucie have both unanimously approved Tradition’s public art proposal for the project. Port St. Lucie Mayor Shannon Martin stated that it will position the area as a “cultural destination” that strengthens community spirit.

The Heart and its accompanying visitor center will occupy a raised public plaza along Tradition Trail, at the intersection of Discovery Way and Village Parkway. The grounds will be aligned with the pedestrian walkway and promenade from the Shoppes at the Heart project. There will be vehicle, golf cart and bicycle parking in addition to public seating and gathering areas, making this prominent and memorable new landmark a natural focal point for public events.

The Heart itself will shine brilliantly, accenting its whimsically curved shape and reflecting the green grass and blue skies that surround it. Residents can enter the HEART via a doorway in its circular pedestal, climb upstairs and emerge high above ground on a glass bridge connecting both sides of the HEART’s pointed bottom.

This picturesque catwalk will become an ideal spot for photo opportunities, date nights or even marriage proposals. From this spot in Tradition, people will take photos that will be seen all around the world. That’s sharing the love!

The HEART is the brainchild and creation of JEFRË, a Filipino-American multimedia artist who is no stranger to evocative, large-scale works. His internationally-recognized art installations grace prominent public spaces around Orlando, Philadelphia, Manila and beyond and he was chosen for his ability to create memorable, relatable and inclusive experiences for people. JEFRË explained his vision behind the project, saying “this HEART will be a postcard moment that brings people together.”

First announced in 2021, this project has won the imaginations of everyone involved. Once constructed, it is sure to become a much-visited favorite of residents and visitors. Quite appropriately, the HEART and park are scheduled for public dedication Valentine’s Day 2024.