One of the most notable features of Tradition Square is our Town Hall. In fact, you could fairly call it an iconic part of Tradition — perhaps even the centerpiece!

The vintage look of this historic church is certainly appropriate for the Tradition concept. The clocks mounted in the old steeple are a throwback to a simpler time, when people didn’t have smartphones to tell them the time of day.

With quaint uplighting after dusk, the tall steeple is also an immediately recognizable landmark. This would have been a very useful aid to local navigation from the years before Google Maps, but it’s just as helpful as a means of orienting yourself in modern times.

Today, the building serves as Tradition’s indoor events space and is regularly used for community events as well as private functions. Important occasions like weddings, birthdays and large gatherings are frequently held here — as well as open-to-the-public seminars, expos, cooking demonstrations and so forth.

Plans for an interior and exterior makeover will be underway in late 2022. The interior will be updated with neutral colors throughout, updated light fixtures and gorgeous new flooring. On the exterior, a stage area will be added facing Town Square Event Square to enhance the viewer experience for events.

Tradition’s Town Square is host to Town Hall, sitting next to the Town Square Event Green and near the gazebo. As a prominent lakeside landmark, Tradition Town Hall is easy for all Tradition residents to access — with both a central location and ample parking. It’s also accessible via the T Trail and is one of the convenient stops on the TIM autonomous shuttle routes.

If you haven’t already visited Tradition Town Hall, you should stop by. It might be the perfect space for your next event!