From the very beginning, Tradition has been fulfilling the promise of a community that nourishes the body and mind while entertaining and uplifting the spirit. The plan has always been to complement this prime Treasure Coast location and wellness-focused lifestyle with thought-provoking art that attracts the attention and moves the soul.

From outdoor art installations across the open green spaces to the gigantic, upcoming HEART sculpture to the consistent styling of the TIM shuttles, Tradition has been noticeably demonstrating this commitment to vibrant visuals with meaning. Already underway is another high-profile example of aesthetic improvements that will be evident at the community entranceway residents (and visitors) see daily.

The entrance towers are ready for a refresh. These iconic towers are being revitalized with fresh paint and updated stonework to create a clean and even more exciting look. This lends itself to a spirit of optimism and Florida-style fun while adding to the community’s beautiful aesthetic.

These towers are icons for residents — representing home, community and the one-of-a-kind Tradition lifestyle — and boldly announcing, “you have arrived in Tradition.” Improvements like these are ongoing and will continue to set the standard for current and future residents’ high expectations for the Tradition experience.