Residents’ well-being is woven deeply into Tradition’s original design and ongoing mission — from social activities and classes to on-site medical care. Amenities like the Tradition Trail (T Trail) and the expansive parklands that surround it are a fantastic way to commune with nature while staying fit. Meanwhile, the autonomous TIM (Tradition In Motion) shuttle service provides a free way for friends to explore Tradition’s offerings.

Coming this fall, a new program will further expand Tradition’s wellness offerings. We will introduce a complimentary e-bike share program (available for homeowners only) that will allow residents to pick up an e-bike at Town Square and Talk-in-the-park, with conveniently-located charging stations around the community.

The bikes may be ridden throughout Tradition, including the entire T Trail and Tradition Square, then returned at any e-bike station. This keeps them charged and ready for the next resident to use. We ask that the e-bikes not be used to leave the Tradition community premises.

Using the program will be simple. Tradition residents can download a simple smartphone app to find, unlock, ride and return an e-bike. The app will also provide you with an updated map of the Tradition community for easy navigation — both on and off the trails.

As for the bikes themselves, they couldn’t be any more fun to ride. You can pedal to your heart’s content, then engage the pedaling assistance whenever you want for a powerful burst of effort-free speed. The swift acceleration will bring a smile to your face — perhaps reminding you of carefree childhood days — while the slight effort of balancing and steering keeps your mind firmly focused on the immediate joy and discovery of the present moment. (That’s a state of mind most of us should try to experience more often!)

The benefits of this e-bike program are many. Pedaling for even a short distance can lead to positive health benefits and reduced stress, especially if you use the e-bike program regularly. Using the e-bikes is also eco-friendly, reducing your environmental impact greatly.

Best of all, using these speedy e-bikes may very well be the fastest and most worry-free mode of transportation available at Tradition!